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Southern Sweetness

A private car with a driver will come and pick you up at your accommodation. You will leave for the South of Mauritius and visit the small village of “Morne Brabant” where lies the Slave Route Monument, emblematic place of the slavery’s abolition in Mauritius.

You will then discover « Macondé”, an impressive curve looking like a hairpin with a breath-taking view on top of volcanic rock and from where, according to some people, in some evenings and in very good weather conditions, you may perceive lights of our sister Island: Reunion.

Get back on the road to visit « Rivière des Galets » where waves come and crush pebbles on the shore in a drum roll, before discovering the magnificent site of “Gris-Gris” and “La Roche qui Pleure”.

You will then spend the afternoon in the Vanilla reptile park where you will eat crocodile meat for lunch. The park is home to hundreds of turtles ranging from one-month old babies to centenarians, bats, monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles and much more …

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